ND 18650 Lithium Battery 3.7v 2000 mah / 3C

Model : 2000 mah / 3C  

Size : 18650

Positive Terminal :  Flat Top

Capacity Range:  mah

Voltage : 3.7 V

Internal Resistance:24 – 27

Discharge cut-off Voltage : 2.5V

Protected : Yes

Rechargeable : Yes

Approx. Weight : 444 g / 10 pcs

Country of Origin : China 

Battery-2000/3C -S


Basic Characteristics

Model DL18650-2000mAh-3C Internal Resistance(Max, at 1000Hz.) ≤ 28mΩ
Shell Material Nickeled Steel Standard Charge Methods(CC/CV) 0.5 C5A X 2.5hrs
Nominal capacity(0.5C5A) 2000mAh High Speed Charge Methods(CC/CV) 1 C5A X 1.5hrs.
Nominal Voltage 3.7V Charge Operation Temperature 0°C 〜 45°C
Max Charge Voltage 4.2V 32°F〜113°F
Discharge cut-off voltage 2.75V Discharge Operation Temperature -20°C 〜55°C
Max charge current 1C5A -4°F 〜 140°F
Discharge Current(continuous) 3C5A Storage Operation Temperature -20 °C 〜45 °C
Max Discharge Current 6C5A -4°F〜113°F
Battery Diameter(Shell) 18.1 ± 0.3 mm Cycle life Capacity ≥ 80% of Nominal capacity
Battery High(Shell) 65.0 ± 0.3mm Testing Method : Measure the initial state and initial capacity of the battery, and then the final state of the battery after 300 cycles of 0.5C / 3C.
Battery Weight(Approx.) 45g

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