Portable Power Station

Portable power station is becoming more and more popular.

Because firstly, the battery cost keeps reducing with the development of the technology.

Secondly, more and more people look for a portable way to charge their electronic devices, such as mobile, laptops etc.

A portable source of energy to supply power is a good choice for the people in outdoor activities because of its weight and easy portability.

Portable powder station power output: Several simultaneous outlets, AC outlets, DC outlets, and USB ports.

Portable powder station power input: solar panels, car chargers, wall outlets.

The manufacturers of portable power station make a collection of battery cells connected in an array and be enclosed inside a box with a connector and a circuit board attached. Now, let us check what is really inside this plastic or steel box:

The main components of the power station:

1. Battery

Certain number of single battery cells is connected together. These batteries occupy the main cost of the power station.

According to the request, engineers arrange batteries and make them into a battery pack.

Battery packs

And the quality of battery cell can determine the quality of the power station. What we use to make our portable power station products are the batteries from our factory. Most importantly, we control the quality from the raw materials, battery cells, battery packs and the final power station products.

Besides, the Battery Protection Board is always necessary, which is well known as Battery Management System (BMS). In our power station, it is a small circuit board to prevent the battery from overcharging, over-discharging, or short-circuiting.

2.Inverter and others electronic board

3.Case with LED display

The case normally is the plastic box or iron box, and LED display is showing the situation of battery. 

Portable power station and its case

Strict Quality Control

Portable power station in testing

First, in terms of the battery cells, we always use our own ones whose quality has been strictly controlled from the application of the raw materials. With the time control of delivery, the battery cell can always be kept in a stable state that meets the standard.

As for the control of each circuit board, we use the ones that we produce so as to ensure the electronic components applied to the portable power station are with reliable quality. 

Assembled battery packs are tested and monitored to meet quality and safety standards.

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